Germany’s supreme court ruling on online games and bots could affect entire EU

In einem Gastartikel auf Venturebeat/Gamesbeat habe ich ein wenig über die kommende BGH-Entscheidung zum Thema Botsoftware und deren Auswirkunken philosopier

Activision Blizzard tries to prevent the development and distribution of so-called bot software for many years and in various countries. While Activision Blizzard was able to successfully sue bot maker MDY Industries, LLC, in the United States, most notably for its Glider-Software, it fails to do the same in Germany. Bossland and Blizzard Entertainment Inc., as well as Blizzard Entertainment S.A.S (formerly Blizzard Entertainment Europe), are suing each other for last 6 years. Many court hearings later, some being successful for Bossland, some being in Blizzard’s favor, the supreme court now will decide upon several open legal questions in the German jurisdiction regarding one of the bots, Honorbody, for World of Warcraft.


Den ganzen Artikel findet man auf Englisch hier.